Autoguard Anti Rat Treatment

Protect car from rats

Rats chewing on your expensive car wires, rats in the car’s engine area are a dreaded scene for car owners.

Damages to electrical wires and cables by rats & rodent are very common. Rats chew expensive car wires. People suffering from rat’s problem in their car has implemented number of remedies, but it failed to produce any result. Time and again cars are damaged by rats, rodent and mice.

Owner has to bear not only expensive repair but some time face with dire consequences of unsafe driving.

Autoguard- Rat repellent spray for car is a unique formulation devised specifically to keep your car free from rats, mice and rodent

The Autoguard spray can be done on the wiring and engines of cars, vans, trucks, and other mechanical equipments where you think rats, mice & rodent have done or could do some damage. The pungent smell and special Chemical Composition of Autoguard spray deters the rats from visiting sprayed portion of the car. And thus safeguards the car engine area, cables from damage and nesting by rats.

Benefits of Autogurad Anti Rat treatment

  • Protect your car from any damage from rats and rodent.
  • Proven solution. Used by hundreds of car owners.
  • DIY- Do it yourself- No need to take your car to service station. Do it in your garage.
  • Takes 10 min only.
  • Humane to rats. It DOES NOT KILL the rats, it just drive off the rats from your car.
  • No operating cost.

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About No Rats In Car

Autoguard - Protects car from rats. Rat repellent for cars. Avoid rats in car engine. Prevent rats from eating car wires. Effective, Humane & Instant Anti rat, mice & rodent treatment for car. Proven anti rat treatment for car. Buy now to save your car.